Karen has become such a pillar of my business, it’s hard to imagine what I did without her.  Completely reliable, efficient and extremely courteous and professional, I trust her with the most delicate of customer communications as well as with setting up the fundamental systems behind our business and keeping these in tip-top condition, so I can get on with my role as Director.

Karen loves a challenge and there have been many in the early years of my business which have required an intelligent grasp of new concepts and skills and a rapid implementation.  Karen seems to thrive in these situations and takes everything in her stride while she continues to expertly juggle a whole range of regular responsibilities, I now rely completely on her for.

But most importantly, Karen is an invaluable team player who takes initiative, co-operates with others in the team behind the scenes and very much has the best interests of my business and myself at heart.

In short, she is a gem!

Heather Bienefelt | Integrated Consulting Solutions

I have been using Karen’s services steadily since 20th July 2010.

When I first contacted Karen, she initially provided typing and transcript services but now Karen helps me with everything.

– Creating public campaigns
– Advising content for websites
– Giving valuable creative input
– Drafting legal letters/submissions for court
– Researches important documents and finds relevant supporting articles to substantiate my work

Karen is an excellent communicator, she listens intently and delivers every time. She has a rare quality.
If I was unable to attend a conference, Karen would be the only person I would trust to represent me. She gets to the core of your business values, beliefs and ethics.


Karen never lets me down and she has worked to the small hours of the morning to deliver impossible deadlines.
I recommended Karen to everyone. This is very rare for me as I am very wary to recommend anyone unless I have absolute faith that they will do an excellent job. I never agree to give references unless I am 100%.

Karen is the most professional person I know. She is also very easy to get on with and very intelligent, polite and respectful. She takes great pride is her work. She is completely confidential and trustworthy.

When I get overwhelmed and stressed Karen sorts everything out but most of all I value her advice, opinion and I would be completely lost without her.

In fact, right at this very second I am at work faxing through a report and Karen is amending it for me!

Karen would be an invaluable asset to any organisation.

Paula Stevenson | HEALTRUST

I have been using the services of Virtual Business Support for the last 4 months. Karen has assisted my business with a diverse number of tasks from sourcing material for our company Blog and writing articles for our Newsletter, to assisting with travel organisation and has maintained our company database. I have also recently delegated to her the role of preparing and distributing our Monthly Newsletter to my clients, direct from our website.

I have found Karen to be extremely proactive in her approach and she is now ‘doing the thinking’ for me. I feel confident concentrating on other tasks associated with running my business in the knowledge that she is taking care of these administrative tasks.

Karen has made suggestions to improve the Search Engine Optimisation of my new website and she has been instrumental in the setting up and maintenance of various Social Media accounts and is in the process of increasing my network of connections.

Without the services of Virtual Business Support, I would have never found the time to prepare and send out my first newsletter and by Karen doing this; it has resulted in a number of additional hits to my website.

Karen is able to conduct all of these tasks from her virtual office and I only need to communicate with her via email what my requirements are and she reciprocates with a return email once the task is completed. This allows me to carry on with my normal business activates without any interruption.

I would recommend the services of Virtual Business Support to any business who wishes to outsource their administration, to enable them to focus on their more profitable business activities.

Korina Choundary | KTL Solutions Pty Ltd

I have employed the services of Karen Talbot of Virtual Business Support, full time for more than 12 months.
Karen effectively deals with all my mail collection, processing and follow-up administration when required. Karen’s service is expeditious and precise and she has been willing and able to resolve every administrative task presented to her.

My full time commitment to overseas contracts causes me to rely very heavily on Karen for administration of affairs back in Australia and I hadn’t been able to achieve this until I commenced using her services.

The cost of services from Virtual Business Support is more than reasonable for the supplied level of service. I unreservedly recommend the services of Karen Talbot from Virtual Business Support.

Scott McWatters | CHC Global Operations

Dear Karen
I really appreciate the virtual service you provide to my company.

Over the past 10 years I have employed people directly, through training schemes, part-time, full-time and casually with varying success. I love that I can provide you with a box (or boxes) of stuff and you get on with processing the paper, business cards and sundry items contained therein – esp just getting in and dealing with the old stuff I’ve never previously really got under control. I know a lot of the initial tasks have involved doing stuff that others in the past have pushed to one side, the prospect of personally contacting every individual was both overwhelming and unpalatable. I really appreciate that you have done this task with enthusiasm (the feedback I’ve received from those contacted has been very positive) and with an understanding that this provides us with a foundation to continue to grow and expand our business with avenues for future product sales and event promotions. In addition, I am estactic that you are willing and able to provide valuable administrative support as I increase my professional speaking and training globally. I also love the fact that you are prepared to meet with me personally on occasion while I get into the swing and providing instructions by phone, email and text.

Your willingness to do the simple stuff, the little things that really make a difference like getting my calender on google docs so we can both access it. I also appreciate that you ask questions when I haven’t provided sufficient instruction, instead of ignoring my requests and/or the pieces of paper you end up receiving from me.

Your initiative in preparing a list of topics to be covered at our meetings and also keeping track of current events and proposals for future ideas and expansion means that I know when I delegate and download ideas that each task will be completed in a timely fashion and that you will consider aspects I may have overlooked. In addition I know that my ideas are filed away for review and consideration.

Having worked with you now for about 6 to 8 weeks, I just wanted you to know how much I value your input – I realise I can be demanding and somewhat impatient at times and I am also aware I can be frustrating especially when I’m uncontactable, sometimes for several days.

Once again I especially Thank You for taking the time to add the friendly, personal touch in your contact with my clients”.

Debra Jarvis | www.DebraJarvisFengShui.com

Hi Karen, I just wanted to thank you personally for the fabulous, efficient and professional job you have done. I will definitely keep your number on file and give you a call if ever we need any short term work completed. Truly, Karen, thank you

HETTY JOHNSTON | Bravehearts Inc.

Karen has worked for Australasia Transcription Services for two months and has been instrumental in clearing a backlog of referral letters dictated by various consultants within St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

Her knowledge of medical terminology has enabled her to transcribe for three clinics, Diabetes, Bone and Calcium and Endocrine & Pituitary, however other clinics have also required transcribing referral letters on occasion. My colleague who has had 25 years experience in medical transcription has commented that Karen has done a grand job for Australasia Transcription Services.

Due to the success of resolving the backlog at St Vincent’s, we are not using Karen at present, however, I will continue to use her services, when I receive similar assignments in the future.

Chris Lourdes | Australasian Transcription Services Pty Ltd

“We had not used a Virtual Assistant before and we were cautious when Virtual Business Services was recommended. We needed someone to market our business and increase our customer base. After a week, we increased our bookings by 3.5 % and we have decided to use Karen’s services for a long-term assignment”.

Shlomi Kuba | K & G Automotive Services