Why Use A Virtual Assistant

why-use-a-vaHiring a Virtual Assistant allows you to focus and grow your business while reducing your overheads.

A Virtual Assistant can provide most of the services of on-site administration staff; however they do so from their own home office.

You can request the services of a remote Virtual Assistant for as many hours as you require them. They work as an independent contractor therefore you have no costs associated with employing a member of staff such as recruitment costs, office furniture, utilities including telephone costs, holiday pay, superannuation, holiday cover, sickness allowance, over-time costs, breaks and lunches and idle time.

You only pay for the time spent on your work and this is broken down in 15 minute increments so you will see how much time is spent on each task.

Entrepreneurs, associations, professionals and executives are seeking the help of Virtual Assistants' to allow them to spend time growing their business. Why spend time doing paperwork when you can use your expertise and time more wisely.

If you already employ administrative staff and they need assistance, you can hire a VA to alleviate their workload for as long as you wish. Some temporary agencies insist on a minimum of 4 hours work and you may not receive the help of the same temp each time. By using our services, for short adhoc assignments, we can build on our relationship which will give you the confidence to delegate more and more responsibility therefore taking the stress away from you. If you need our services for a limited amount of time each month, for example, payroll duties or marketing, we can offer a retainer so we will always service you during this time.

Our company is a member of a variety of VA networks, therefore in the unlikely event that there are any tasks outside of our area of expertise; we can promptly find another Virtual Assistant who can service your needs.

All work is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. We endeavour to meet all deadlines set by our clients.

We provide a prompt, professional and accurate service to ensure you continue to be associated with our business and recommend our services to your associates.