Dear Karen
I really appreciate the virtual service you provide to my company.

Over the past 10 years I have employed people directly, through training schemes, part-time, full-time and casually with varying success. I love that I can provide you with a box (or boxes) of stuff and you get on with processing the paper, business cards and sundry items contained therein – esp just getting in and dealing with the old stuff I’ve never previously really got under control. I know a lot of the initial tasks have involved doing stuff that others in the past have pushed to one side, the prospect of personally contacting every individual was both overwhelming and unpalatable. I really appreciate that you have done this task with enthusiasm (the feedback I’ve received from those contacted has been very positive) and with an understanding that this provides us with a foundation to continue to grow and expand our business with avenues for future product sales and event promotions. In addition, I am estactic that you are willing and able to provide valuable administrative support as I increase my professional speaking and training globally. I also love the fact that you are prepared to meet with me personally on occasion while I get into the swing and providing instructions by phone, email and text.

Your willingness to do the simple stuff, the little things that really make a difference like getting my calender on google docs so we can both access it. I also appreciate that you ask questions when I haven’t provided sufficient instruction, instead of ignoring my requests and/or the pieces of paper you end up receiving from me.

Your initiative in preparing a list of topics to be covered at our meetings and also keeping track of current events and proposals for future ideas and expansion means that I know when I delegate and download ideas that each task will be completed in a timely fashion and that you will consider aspects I may have overlooked. In addition I know that my ideas are filed away for review and consideration.

Having worked with you now for about 6 to 8 weeks, I just wanted you to know how much I value your input – I realise I can be demanding and somewhat impatient at times and I am also aware I can be frustrating especially when I’m uncontactable, sometimes for several days.

Once again I especially Thank You for taking the time to add the friendly, personal touch in your contact with my clients”.

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