I have been using Karen’s services steadily since 20th July 2010.

When I first contacted Karen, she initially provided typing and transcript services but now Karen helps me with everything.

– Creating public campaigns
– Advising content for websites
– Giving valuable creative input
– Drafting legal letters/submissions for court
– Researches important documents and finds relevant supporting articles to substantiate my work

Karen is an excellent communicator, she listens intently and delivers every time. She has a rare quality.
If I was unable to attend a conference, Karen would be the only person I would trust to represent me. She gets to the core of your business values, beliefs and ethics.


Karen never lets me down and she has worked to the small hours of the morning to deliver impossible deadlines.
I recommended Karen to everyone. This is very rare for me as I am very wary to recommend anyone unless I have absolute faith that they will do an excellent job. I never agree to give references unless I am 100%.

Karen is the most professional person I know. She is also very easy to get on with and very intelligent, polite and respectful. She takes great pride is her work. She is completely confidential and trustworthy.

When I get overwhelmed and stressed Karen sorts everything out but most of all I value her advice, opinion and I would be completely lost without her.

In fact, right at this very second I am at work faxing through a report and Karen is amending it for me!

Karen would be an invaluable asset to any organisation.
Paula Stevenson | HEALTRUST

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