Following up after a Real Estate viewing. How important is it?

My husband and I have viewed many properties on a Saturday and Sunday.  We have always had a passion with real estate and it is a past-time of ours and although we have moved house a few times in the last few years, we still like to see what is around and for what price.  I suppose we are waiting for that all important property which prompts us to put up the For Sale sign once more.

We are usually greeted with an eager Estate Agent in stocking feet who asks us to politely to leave our shoes outside and we are then encouraged to leave our details on a list on the kitchen bench amongst copies of the property.

Recently, we spent quite some time looking around a particular property which was vacant and could see the potential even though it was unfurnished and bare.  We chatted to both agents for quite a while about the asking price and our current situation.  We stood in each room visualising how we would furnish it, talked about what improvements we could make to the kitchen and bathrooms and walked around the outside and outbuildings and then back inside walking into each room. 

When we left, we seriously considered putting our house on the market as the property was in close proximity to our children’s school and had the additional space we wanted.

After a few days, we got back into our usual routine and thought about the property less and less until we became too busy to contemplate moving.

When things got quieter again, I started to think about the property and that we had not heard anything from the agents who had taken our details.  It was surprising that they did not follow up as we made it known to them that we were very interested in the property on viewing but despite this and the fact we had given them our details, we did not hear a thing.

I wondered whether they did not see the importance of it or they just did not have time to follow up or have the internal resources to do so.

I would have thought it was the latter as in all businesses following up is an important marketing strategy to keep the lines of communication open, build on relationships and encourage the prospective buyer to approach this particular agency for an appraisal on their own property if they decided to sell.

As a business owner myself, this is something which I am very familiar with and maintain contact with not only my own prospects but my client’s prospects too.

This started me thinking.  Our team of VA’s could offer this service to those Real Estate agents who are constantly trying to prioritise all their tasks, such as property appraisals, viewings, negotiating sales, drawing up contracts etc etc and with a passion in real estate and experience in sales, our team could be a real asset to their business.

If you are considering out-sourcing your following up of viewings or any other related administration, please contact Virtual Business Support for a no obligation chat about how we can package all of your requirements.

Contact us on 07 5569 2222 or email us with your details and we can contact you for a no obligation chat.

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